The Changing Face of Wood Street

“I remember visiting the police station, because I found a ring and wanted to hand it in to the lost property. A month later the police got in touch with me, informing me that I could collect the ring because no one had claimed it. I gave the ring to my Mum.” Neil, Hatfeild Court Resident

“I remember being at the Town Hall on VE Day in 1945. I was partying on the balcony with lots of people. I played music there for the celebration at midnight. I was only 13.” Colin, Hatfeild Court Resident

“My Dad used to call it ‘Pressed Eagles’” Participant at Wakefield Cathedral

Since its beginnings, Wood Street was a route designed to facilitate commerce, industry and civic life. Many buildings on the street have been there since the 19th Century, but the businesses and the people that occupy them are constantly changing.

From the Great Exhibition of 1865 to the Wood Street Markets in 2013, this is a street of diverse architecture and eclectic events. Many people remember shops such as Eagle Press or Woods Music, who, between them, traded for over 150 years on Wood Street.

Many buildings have changed their purpose over the years and are being brought back into use by new businesses that are investing in the beautiful architecture and heritage of this important City street.

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